The Club Council will continue to act as the general management team for the club, meeting as required. It is made up of the 5 senior office bearers, the immediate past president, and three general members.

For the year 2019/20, the Club has adopted a different approach to its activities. Instead of members being allocated to a specific committee and activity area, all members are free to propose activities in any area they choose. These proposals are then put to the club and if approved a specific project team is formed to run each specific project proposal.

Activities will generally fall into one of the following areas:

Foundation and International, which oversees donations and projects to help and support under-privileged peoples around the world outside the UK.

Community and Vocational, which manages projects to help our local communities in Norfolk and the UK, and which organises projects that develop younger people.

Fundraising, which organises events to raise money for our charitable projects. 

Membership, which helps to bring in and support new members of the club, as well as ensuring regular input from all current members.

Social, which organises social events for the club and their partners, some of which have a fund raising element, but most of which are true social events.