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Schools Technology Tournament 2019

Once again we were delighted to organise the schools Technology Tournament, held at Broadland Academy in Hoveton and involving local Norfolk schools. 9 teams took part in a task to build a vehicle to recover a radioactive container that had fallen near a bridge. There were three different levels of complexity and the winning teams at each level were awarded vouchers and a trophy. Local North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb again gave up an hour of his valuable time to come along to talk to all the teams and see their progress. The winners were: foundation level-Cromer Academy; intermediate level-Cromer Academy; advanced level-Broadland Academy.

Norman Lamb with pupils from Flegg Academy      North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb talking to one of the teams from Flegg Academy

Winners Advanced level Broadland AcademyWinners Advanced Level – Broadland Academy

Winners Intermediate level, Cromer Academy





Winners Intermediate level – Cromer AcademyWinners Foundation Level, Cromer Academy





Winners Foundation Level Cromer Academy

Schools Technology Tournament 2017

Wroxham Bure Valley Rotary Club were delighted to organise the schools Technology tournament for North and East Norfolk, which took place on 17th March at Broadlands High School, Hoveton.

Now in its 10th year at this venue WBVRC once again thank Jewsons for their support in helping with the supply of materials

With 11 schools teams taking part along with the traditional Rotarian’s and Teacher’s teams who compete for the Jewsons Mallet, the event proved as popular as ever.

This year proved a particularly hard task but all teams produced a good effort and the competition was very strong.

The eventual winners were:

Basic level                                           Flegg High School

Intermediate level                             Flegg High School

Advanced level                                  Cromer High School

And the Teachers won the Jewsons Mallet

 Schools Technology Tournament 2016

Once again Wroxham Bure Valley Rotary Club organised and ran the annual Technology Tournament for local schools. Held at Broadland High School, Hoveton on 18th March 2016, 12 teams of children from three different schools took part. Kindly sponsored by Jewsons who supplied most of the raw materials, this year the task invilved a double span bridge, one part fixed and the other with lifting spans to allow passage of a tall masted ship. Both spans had to be capable of sopporting a 1kg weith and still allow a barge to pass underneath. As usual some great ingenuity was displayed by the various teams with some fantastic engineering solutions. Everyone had a great day and after the final judging, the foundation level prize went to Cromer school, while Broadland won both the intermediate and advanced level challenges. In the traditional Teachers versus Rotarions challenge, the rotary team came out on top!

Children’s Adventure Days Holiday 2015

Every year the Rotary Club of Wroxham Bure Valley organises two activity days for primary school 10 year old children from right here in Norfolk. Many of these are children  are unlikely to get the opportunity to experience the Norfolk Broads and a typical Norfolk farm even though they are right on their doorstep. In previous years we have taken children from Norwich schools, but for 2015 we looked closer to home and took a party from Coltishall primary school.

On Wednesday May 20thth, a party of 30 children plus teachers and supervising adults were collected by a NORSE bus from the school and driven to the Norfolk Broads Sailing Club at Wroxham Broad. There, about a dozen sailing members of the club took 2 or 3 of the pupils on their own white boats to show them what sailing is about.



Sailing on Wroxham Broad


Sailing on Wroxham Broad

Of course they all wore buoyancy aids, there was a safety boat and there was a safety briefing. For the first hour, they became familiar with the handling of the boats. Then after a short snack break, the children were given control of helming and crewing the boats.

After sailing they all had lunch at the club, and then took the bus to Heggatt Hall Farm, where they had a tour of the farm in tractor and trailer and were shown some of the crops grown on the farm and how that then becomes part of the food they eat every day. The day concluded with a BBQ back at the farm buildings prepared and served by Club members, before the bus returned them to school.

On Thursday May 21sth, the children were again collected by the Norse bus and taken to the Barton Turf Activity Centre where they spent the morning exploring part of Barton Broad, pond dipping, and getting a bit wet!

In the afternoon they were then set a raft building and raft racing task. They were divided into 4 teams and all given identical materials.


Building the rafts

They had to build a raft, paddle it over to the opposite bank, collect a bucket and return to the start. Some hit problems as soon as they tried to board their rafts. Other teams managed to complete the whole trip although no one stayed completely dry.


Boarding the rafts


The winners return

The key thing was everyone had a lot of fun and the teachers were extremely complementary. Once again the Wroxham Bure Valley Rotary Club’s children’s activity days had been an enormous success, and had achieved the objective of introducing local children to some of the delights and way of life in their local area, while helping cement Rotary’s ability to contribute to local life. The club are already planning next year’s activity programme.

Schools Technology Tournament 2014

(Posted March 2014)

Youngsters from 4 different local secondary schools gathered at Broadland High School, Hoveton on Friday 14th March 2014 to take part in the 2014 Technology Tournament. The event organised by the Rotary Club of Wroxham Bure Valley is held annually for teams invited from local schools. This year sponsored by Jewsons who provided most of the materials used, the tournament involves building a solution to a technical problem revealed on the day. The problem in 2014 involved moving a radio-active isotope (or tennis ball) from a container onto a target landing area from a distance of over 1.5 metres. There are three levels of difficulty, foundation, intermediate, and advanced, making the event suitable for teams from different year groups. With over 40 children taking part it is a great  experience for them all. We were delighted to welcome local member of parliament Norman Lamb who came along and met all the teams. He particularly praised the high levels of creativity invention and diversity of thought on display as well as the obvious enjoyment being experienced by all participants.
The winning teams were: Foundation – Aylsham High School; Intermediate – Broadland High School; and Advanced – Fleggborough High School


The Planning Stage




Construction Underway


Norman Lamb MP meets the teams








Summer Activity Days for Schools

(posted August 2013)

Three years ago members of Wroxham Bure Valley Rotary Club agreed that one excellent way to help the local community would be to approach local primary schools in disadvantaged areas and run activity days for some of the children either during term time or in the school holidays. As one of our members is a governor at Mile Cross school in Norwich we initially started working with Mile Cross and Larkman schools in the city. over the past three years we have run successful activities with both schools.

This year we ran two days out for year 6 at Mile Cross, one involving sailing on Wroxham Broad thanks to help from the white boat owners and sailors at the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, followed by a farm visit to Heggatt Hall pig farm; the other a day at the Barton Broad activity centre at Barton Turf. Both days concluded with a barbeque organised by club members and the delight shown by all the pupils (over 60 across the two days) throughout the day was real reward for all our efforts.

We have now just completed out Summer holiday activity days, having organised a day of painting and pottery and a day of 5-a-side football, both at the Norman Centre in Norwich.  Again we had a great turnout and all the children who took part (over 40 in all) thoroughly enjoyed it.


We plan to repeat the exercise in 2014, but next year, while we will continue to organise the farm visits for the city school pupils, we intend to extend our activity days to involve some of the primary schools closer to our club’s own catchment area.

Schools Technology Tournament 2013

(posted March 2013)

Last Friday (15th March) Wroxham Bure Valley Rotary club organised the fifth annual holding of the School Technology Tournament at Broadland High School, Hoveton.

We had the best turnout ever with 5 schools taking part – Broadland High School, Aylsham High School, Stalham High School, Fleggburgh High School, and the Open Academy Norwich.
The tournament has three levels of difficulty – foundation, intermediate and advanced for different age groups and in total 16 teams took part.

Teams starting to plan solutions for the technical task

All teams are given an identical set of materials and a technical challenge and have to plan and produce a solution. This year the task was to produce a weight powered vehicle capable of climbing a small incline.

Following an hour to plan and prepare teams then have 150 minutes to produce their vehicle, with the final judging taking place early afternoon.

During the building phase we were delighted that Government Minister and local MP, Norman Lamb was able to be with us. He talked to all the teams, and then took the microphone to say how pleased and impressed he was, thanking Rotary for organising the event, and wishing all the teams good luck.

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb checking on progress of the build phase of the challenge

Final results were as follows:

Foundation level winners: Aylsham High School
Intermediate level winners: Open Academy
Advanced level winners:Broadland High School

Each winning team was given a shield plus all winning team members received a cash award.

Head judge Malcolm Kemp praised the efforts of all the pupils taking part, in what this yeat, was a particularly difficult challenge.